Model Making Workshop

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Modelling Facilities

The Faculty of Architecture provides the students and academic staff with a Model Making Workshop where they carry out their form and detail development activities and produce models and prototypes as part of their research and education programs. In addition to tools and equipment for traditional production techniques, such as woodworks, metalwork and ceramics, high-tech CAM systems, such as 3d printers, a laser cutter and a 3d router (milling machine), are available in the Workshop.

The model making workshop consists of five separate areas: Wood Workshop, Metal Workshop, Student Work Area, CAM Studio and Ceramics Studio.

As a part of the formal educational program, the Department of Industrial Design organizes a summer practice for the first year students in order to demonstrate the basic 3D physical model making techniques, and to equip them with the required knowledge and experience to use the model making workshop safely and effectively. Detailed information about the model making workshop, including rules, manuals and example student work, is available below.

Wood Workshop

A wide array of tools and equipment for traditional woodworks are available for the modeling needs of our students and academic staff in the Wood Workshop. Due to safety concerns, students are allowed to use the Wood Workshop only under supervision by the technical staff.

Metal Workshop

The Metal Workshop has the tools and equipment for basic metal works such as cutting, rolling, bending and welding. Due to safety concerns, students are allowed to use the Metal Workshop only under supervision by the technical staff.

Student Work Area

Basic, hobby-type stationary machines, carpentry workbenches and working stations are available in the student work area where the students and academic staff can work independently. This area also provides separate working stations, each equipped with an individual power socket, lighting and energy control switch. In addition to these, the students are also allowed to borrow basic hand and power tools for model making in this area.

CAM Studio

You can download the PDF manuals for the 3D printer, the 3D milling machine and the laser cutter from the below links:

3D Printer (PDF 10 KB)

3 Axis CNC Milling Machine (PDF 20 KB)

Laser cutter (PDF 960 KB)