Earthquake Studies Program

The Earthquake Studies Program aims to foster interdisciplinary teaching and research related to natural, man-made and technological disasters. Earthquake Engineering and Active Tectonics Tracks focus on particularly in the area of earthquakes. While in Disaster Management Track discuss implementations in wide-ranging disasters.. Turkey lies in one of the most active earthquake zones of the world. Furthermore, due to the negative effects of low-quality building in urban areas Turkey is one of the countries having the highest risk with respect to earthquakes and disasters. In earthquakes affecting urban areas within the last ten years, more than 20,000 persons have died and property losses have exceeded 20 billion US dollars. These losses are an obstacle to Turkey's economical development. The reduction of high seismic risk in earthquake-prone cities to acceptable levels is possible with the implementation of unified projects involving all disaster-related disciplines.

 For the mitigation of earthquake losses, it is necessary to ensure that the disciplines of earth sciences (geology, seismology), earthquake engineering,architecture, risk-based urban planning, statistics, economics, business administration, environmental and industrial engineering and communal psychology/sociology be made to work together. In both developed and developing countries of the world, there are no cities that face as high an earthquake risk as that of Turkey. The reason for the high risk lies not only in the great danger due to earthquakes but also in the fact that the building stock is of poor quality. This is why Turkey provides the most effective application area for multidisciplinary studies related to earthquakes.

 The main aims of the Earthquake Studies Program have been determined as follows:

  • To institute an academic program in the areas of Earthquake Engineering, Active Tectonics and Disaster Management leading initially to the Master's degree (M.S.) and further ahead to the Doctoral degree (Ph.D.).
  • To coordinate integrated interdisciplinary research within the framework of graduate theses and thus enable the transfer of knowledge and data to the public and private sectors.
  • To offer educational services and conduct extension courses.

 Earthquake Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program leading to an M.S. degree in the following three fields of study:

  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Active Tectonics
  • Disaster Management

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