International Symposium on Urban Design

At the 20th anniversary of its MSc Urban Design Program, METU Faculty of Architecture organises an international symposium on urban design to be held on 4-5 October 2016 in Ankara, Turkey. The main aim of the symposium is to bring researchers, professionals and educators together, to attain a rich discussion on the past, present and future conditions of urban design.

The thematic presentations and debates within the symposium are to be conducted under the specific titles of ideology, sociology, bio-ecology, morphology, methodology, pedagogy and praxis. The papers to be submitted for the symposium are expected to cover one of these seven titles which represent the prominent areas to reflect on the principal issue.

The symposium, in this way, is believed to steer future debates with a series of brand new generative ideas and triggering questions, if not concluding answers for designing the domain of urban design.

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